FF10.5: New Electric Moodiness

May 7, 2012

While Audrey is busy preparing to kick Silicon Valley in the ass, half of the furiousfriends (aka dj blue) offers the following bit of impeccably sullen rainy-day listening for your aural pleasure.  I dunno if you can engage in perverse nudity to it or not (something I may or may not have already done), but you can definitely look out the window on a grey afternoon and sigh along to your hearts content.  Hopefully the Wondertwin will resurface soon and give you kids a proper FF11.  Until then, let's all be wistful together, shall we?

1) Orbital - "Never" 2) Burial - "Loner" 3) Dntel - "Anywhere, Anyone" 4) Leftfield - "Swords" 5) Clint Mansell - "Lux Aeterna" & "Moon"


FF 10 - Gatecrashing 2: Pillcrashing

December 1, 2011

After the last, many of you were surely saying "can that be topped? has the apex of this brilliant podcast been reached?"  The answers are: "yes.  yes it can." and "no. no it has not."  Is this the best one we've ever done?  Will we ever have a longer title?

1) Orbital - Belfast [AUD], 2) Alex Dolby - Polarity, 3) The Rapture - The Conductor (Thin White Duke Mix) [BLUE] 4) Teddybears - Wolfman [AUD] 5) Vampire Weekend - Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Miike Snow Mix) [BLUE] 6) The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duke Mix) [BLUE]


FF9: Gatecrashing

November 20, 2011

We were gone for a bit.  Sorry about that. This, however, more than makes up for it. Something you can shake your cute little arses to.

1) Kino Oko - Lovely Serenade (Eelke Kleijn Remix) AUD 2) Miike Snow - Animal (Punks Jump Up Mix) BLUE 3) Khainz - Detector (Kink Beats edit) AUD 4) Daft Punk - Prime Time of Your Life (remix) BLUE 5) Astronivo - True to Nature (Shik Stylko remix) AUD 6) MSTRKRFT - Beards Again BLUE